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(in no particular order):

(We couldn't be entirely frank about who was working on the project at the time, which is why you'll find inconsistencies in the credits you might read around the internet. This is our official credits list.)

Lead artist/Environment artist: Stephen Honegger
Level designer:Ian Malcolm
Investigative journalist: Kate Wild
Cutscene artist: Morgan Simpson
Creative director: Katharine Neil
Animators: Andrea Blundell, Chris Markwart
Producers: Justin Halliday, Mark Angeli
Executive producer: Julian Oliver
Admin: Rani Kellock
Programming: Matthew Jones, David Jewsbury, Duncan Murray
Additional programming: Katharine Neil
UI art and website: Monique Jones
QA: Alex McNeilly

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Like many Half-Life mods from way back, Escape From Woomera won't run properly with the Steam version of Half-Life, and the pre-Steam version is no longer available from Valve (There are, however, CD images of the pre-Steam version available from torrent sites.) Here are the installation instructions assuming you have managed to install a pre-Steam version of Half-Life:

1) Go into the newly installed Half-Life directory and Right-click hl.exe, select “Properties” and set the compatibility mode to Windows 2000.
2) Extract to the root level of the Half-Life directory.
3) Run the game: Go into the EscapeFromWoomera_v084 folder and double click RunEscapeFromWoomera.bat (I suggest creating desktop shortcut for this).
4) In the pause menu (press escape) go into Configuration and change the resolution in the video settings to the highest appropriate setting for the monitor you’re using.